Codes and Policies

Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages

The DICE Project is a signatory to the Dóchas Code on Images and Messages. By signing the Code, the DICE Project commits to a set of principles, ensuring that we will avoid stereotypical or sensational images, respect the dignity and equality of all people portrayed and promote fairness, solidarity and justice through all our communications. The DICE Project also agrees a number of commitments to ensure the Code’s principles are implemented throughout all of our activities.

Download a Guide to Understanding the Code

Feedback on the Code

Your comments and feedback on all of our communications (website, brochures, flyers, adverts etc.) are greatly appreciated because only you can tell us how we come across and how you feel about the people and issues we portray. Please get in touch with us:

  • if you feel like some of the images or messages we use in our communications misrepresent the issues and people we strive to portray;
  • if you feel like an image or artwork we use is breaking the Code’s principles;
  • if you’re unhappy with the a particular picture, video, article etc.;
  • if you like our communications materials;
  • if there is a specific photo, article, brochure, ad etc that you thought was particularly effective or stood out.

If you would like to offer any feedback on our adherence to the Code, please email

Dóchas has introduced a cross-sector feedback mechanism that you can make use of, should you not be satisfied with how we handle your comments and feedback. Find out more at


The Governance Code

The DICE Project is working towards implementing the principles in the Governance Code for the Community and Voluntary Sector.