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Froebel Students at the Just Forests Exhibition

Froebel Students at the Just Forests Exhibition

Beginning with an audit of wood products in the classroom,and extending it to the whole school environment and to the the home as a homework assignment, children will immediately grasp the extent to which we depend on wood in everyday life. In Circle Time children could explore the question “What would happen if we ran out of wood?

Just Forests Exhibition in Froebel College

Tom Roche, Therese Hegarty & Brian Tubbert at the 'Just Forests' Exhibition in Froebel College

From this practical and critical engagement, the information from the Just Forest Exhibition might mean even more to the children. The exhibition itself opens up direct links to the Geography, Music, Religion and Science curricula. The panels offer statistics which can support Maths development. Exploring trees in the vicinity of the school opens up possibilities for visual arts and creative writing. Without any effort on the teacher’s part the exhibition involves children in cross curricular learning.

Children could be given opportunities to frame their own questions either about wood, forests and sustainability or about their own part in environmental responsibility and these questions can be the stimulus for further research. The exhibition and the discussions that can emerge offer children not only a wealth of information but opportunities to question their own values and attitudes and awareness of their own actions. The FCS logo and the new legislation being introduced in March allows children to see that change is possible and that their decisions can make a difference.

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Therese Hegarty
DICE Lecturer
Froebel College

31 January, 2013.

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