Papers & Reports


Waldron, F., Ruane, B., Oberman, R. and Morris, S. (2016): Geographical process or global injustice? Contrasting educational perspectives on climate change, Environmental Education Research.

Downes, L (2016) Imaging Global Perspectives: Representation of the Global South in a Higher Education Environment.

Collins, B and Kavanagh, A.M (2013) Student Teachers’ Experience of DE/ICE through Circle Time in primary/post-primary schools.

Kavanagh, R, Waldron, F, Ruane, B & Oberman, R (2012) Education, Climate Change and Climate Justice: Irish Perspectives Presented at Aera Conference, April 2012.

Mbaguta, A. M (2012) Southern Perspectives on the Realt Teaching and Learning Programme in Uganda

Dillon, S and O’Shea, K (2009) From the College to the Classroom: The impact of DICE courses on the inclusion of development education and intercultural education in the primary classrooms. This research assesses the impact of the DICE courses which were delivered during phase one of the DICE project (2004-2007). The study follows up students who participated in compulsory and elective DICE courses, and reviews the extent to which they were including DE and ICE within their teaching. It outlines their views on the DICE courses that they undertook while in the college of education, and also their views on the factors that facilitated or hindered them in including DE and ICE in their teaching.

Fitzgerald, H (2007) The Relationship between Development Education and Intercultural Education in Initial Teacher Education

Fitzgerald, H (2007) Analysis of the Impact of DICE modules in Initial Teacher Education on Students’ Knowledge and Views of the Global Dimension in Education

DICE Project (2006) Global Education: Teachers’ Views. This research report is a small-scale study, commissioned by DICE and carried out in a cluster of Dublin schools in 2006. It was supported with funding from the CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit, European Year of Citizenship through Education.

DICE Project (2005) Global and Justice Perspectives in Education: A Literature Review.

Good Practice Guidelines

Conference Reports

Duke, R (2016) Modelling Key Skills of Global Citizenship through Restorative Practices, Conference Paper, SPHE Network Conference, Maynooth University, 2016.

O’Sullivan, C, Moynihan, S, Collins, B, Hayes, G and Titley, A (eds.) (2014)The Future of SPHE: Problems and Possibilities. Proceedings from SPHE Network Conference, September 2012

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