Open Your Dev Head, Mary Immaculate College

Open Your Dev Head, Mary Immaculate College

‘Open Your Dev Head’ was a development education awareness day which saw over 100 local primary school children come to MIC to work with B.Ed students on development education mini-lessons.img_0397

Third year B.Ed students who have chosen DICE as their education elective spent all semester designing and creating new and innovative development education resources. Students were encouraged to choose their own theme and structure for their resources and taught mini-lessons on themes such as gender, migration, human rights, climate change and global poverty. The resources ranged from interactive board games to drama to discussion and creative art based activities. During the event students engaged in station teaching which allowed them to trial their resource three times with different groups in fifteen minute intervals.img_0399

In order to ensure they were creating something new, students chose their themes and format following a review of existing resources and an in depth look at the audit of Irish development education resources to identify gaps in the field. Throughout the semester students got advice from Irish organisations 80:20 and Trócaire who have both been engaged in creating development education resources for Irish teachers for many years.thumb_img_0395_1024

An integral part of the event was gaining feedback from participating school children and their class teachers on the resources being piloted. At the conclusion of the event, the children were encouraged to write their feedback for the students on post-it notes which were then displayed for all the children, teachers and B.Ed students to see. Examples of the children’s very useful feedback can be seen below. Teachers also gave high praise and were very keen to find out if they could get copies of the resources or use the lessons in their own teaching.

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